Syllabus of B.Ed.

LS-1 Psychology Of Learner

ES-1 Perspectives in Education

CUS-1 Curriculum Development Principles

LPC-1 Gujarati Language

PS 1 - 01/02 General Pedagogy For Mathematics & Science OR General Pedagogy For Languages, Social Science & Commerce

EPC-1 -Reflective Reading

EPC-2 Art in Education

SI 1- Pre-Practice Teaching
LS-2 Learning and Teaching

ES-2 Developing the Self

CUS-2 Knowledge and Curriculum

LPC-2 English Language

PS-2 Pedagogy Teaching Method 1

PS-3 Pedagogy Teaching Method 2

SI-2 Practice Teaching
CUS-3 Inclusive Education

CUS-4 ICT in Curriculum

LPC-3 Hindi Language

LPC-4 Language Across Curriculum

AE-1 Assessment and Evaluation in Learning

SI-3 Internship

CoS-1 Teacher and Learner in Society

CoS-2 Gender, School and Society

LPC-5 Classical Sanskrit

PS-4 Advanced Pedagogy

EPC-3 Optional paper (Any One) Environment Education, Yoga in Education, Educational Management

EPC-4 Optional Paper (Any One), Educational Statistics, Guidance and Counselling, Value Education

SI-4 Block Teaching & Internship